eszter edl hungaian language teacher

Fluentbox makes Hungarian fun, easy and useful

Professional language teacher

trained, qualified and experienced

I have two M.A. degrees, one in Chinese Pedagogy, and I have been attending conferences and working on improving my teaching skills since graduating.

Excellent English skills

naturalized US citizen, familiar with American culture

I have accumulated a wide range of teaching experience over the years, from

  • Private middle schools in Manhattan, New York City
  • Online private lessons for adults,
  • full immersion month-long language camps in the woods of Minnesota

Friendly and fun

My job is to make you successful!

I am very flexible in adapting to your needs and interests. My students represent all age ranges and language backgrounds.

I prefer using Comprehensible Input because that works best for the most types of learners in my experience

What is Comprehensible Input?

eszter edl with prof krashen

Eszter with Prof. Krashen from a 2019 conference

CI is an approach that utilizes our brains’ innate capacity to acquire languages.

The main components are input that you can understand, and a large amount of repetition in varying contexts.

This method also enables you to use complete, functional sentences from day one!

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Meet your instructor

Eszter Édl

Sample Lessons

Check out my other free videos!

3×3 series

Listen to three simple sentences three times

hungarian stories

Easy and simple short stories read slowly

simple hungarian

Real-life videos with easy but natural language

A wealth of international experience

I have work/life experience in three continents, and I speak three languages (currently learning the fourth).

Why do my students stay with me for years?

As a learner myself, I understand the level of commitment, time and effort required to gain proficiency in a foreign language.

I design the curriculum with the students to make sure it caters to your interests and learning style.

I am always encouraging and friendly, because we learn better when we are relaxed and having fun.

Eszter teaches real-world interactions to make the learning experience interesting and enjoyable. Rather than rely on a static text with rote repetition, she engages in a collaborative process that guides the student to a greater understanding of the material. I highly recommend speaking with Eszter if you are considering engaging with a tutor for this very intimidating language


Eszter does not just speak Hungarian. She knows how to teach it. This makes a big difference to me, since I really need to know more than “Hungarian for the tourist.”


I never thought learning Hungarian would be so easy, and so much fun! Only our third lesson and already I’m able to form complex sentences.


How do you get started?

eszter edl hungarian language teacher

I offer a free 20-minute consultation on Skype or Zoom to evaluate your level and offer you options for improving your language skills. No strings attached!

If you like what you hear, you can sign up for your first lesson, and you will know exactly what to expect!

Get a personalized assessment of your path to Hungarian fluency